Quinn ad focuses on Brady euthanization bill

October 18, 2010 (CHICAGO) The buzz is about a new Quinn video that resurrects an 8-month-old news story about a bill that Brady introduced in the state senate and withdrew.

The Democratic governor--who some independent polls suggest is trailing his Republican challenger--is poised to tag Brady as a puppy killer in the waning days of the campaign. The 30 second ad begins with a menacing-looking headshot of Senator Bill Brady and then fades into video of a gas chamber with the sound of barking and screeching dogs. In the ad, a woman said, "Shame on Bill Brady. I'm a republican. But I' don't support him for the mass euthanization of animals."

Twenty-two days after the senator won the Republican nomination for governor, he sponsored Senate Bill 2999 to allow the euthanization of dogs and cats together in his native Mclean County.

"The local gas chamber wanted to execute ten dogs and cats at the same time. In other words, put the dogs and cats together in a gas chamber and kill them," said Gov. Quinn. "Anyone who learned of this was horrified, revolted, by what my opponent was proposing."

Brady withdrew his sponsorship of the bill several days later after explaining that his initial support was in answer to a request from a McLean County veterinarian. At a news conference Monday, Brady agreed his original sponsorship was a mistake and said if he were governor and a similar bill passed his desk, he would veto it.

"I realized the consequences associated with the legislation," said Senator Brady. "The people of Illinois don't want it… I'd veto it."

"I'm a pretty staunch republican but I will not be voting for Bill Brady..." said another woman in the Quinn ad.

The governor would not say if the ad titled "Bill Brady's Dog Plan" would make its way to broadcast television during the final two weeks of the campaign, during which Quinn says he'll introduce Illinois voters to the opponent he often calls "The Real Bill Brady."

"The bottom line is this has to do with Senator Brady's judgment, and I think it has a little bit to do with his heart," said Gov. Quinn.

The ad is getting buzz all around the country. Gov. Quinn has not said if he will broadcast it on TV.

Senator Brady was endorsed by a group of suburban mayors who met earlier Monday in Chicago.

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