Bears turned away from Angels and Kings club

October 28, 2010 (CHICAGO)

The club is Angels and Kings, 710 N. Clark Street, on the Near North Side.

The Chicago Bears started the week losing to the Redskins Sunday. On Monday, a group of veterans treated the rookies to a night out, so they went to the Angels and Kings nightclub on North Clark. About 20 Bears players walked up to the door.

"From what I hear, we were two more than wht the agreement was supposed to be, so the Bears didn't get in," said linebacker Lance Briggs.

There are media reports that the Bears did not get in because there were too many African-American men.

Thursday, ABC 7's Jim Rose asked Lance Briggs whether it was racially motivated.

"It sounded along those lines, that maybe the crowd was too dark. I wasn't there at the front door.That's just hearsay from me. It's just hearsay from me. I do know we didn't get in," said Briggs.

Israel Idonije answered the same question. Was it racially motivated?

"No, absolutely not," Idonije said.

Angels and Kings also has clubs in New York and Barcelona.

Thursday, the club spokeswoman said an outside vendor was using the club Monday night. She released a statement, saying: "We have terminated our relationship with the outside vendor. We will continue to investigate the facts and have started to reach out and apologize to the various Bears players who were involved."

"It should not happen, especially in the great city of Chicago - you shouldn't have those kind of problems. That's not my call. Hopefully things can change and make something happen," said Briggs.

"It was a great night. I think it was just a classic case of miscommunication. Angels and Kings still win in my books," said Idonije.

In addition to African-American Bears players, there were white players as well, including Hunter Hillenmeyer and Brian Urlacher.

After getting turned away from the North Clark nightclub, the group of players reportedly ended up at another nightspot on West Hubbard.

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