Attorney general braces for re-election bid

October 28, 2010 (CHICAGO)

A Public Policy Polling survey last spring suggested Madigan is one of the most popular politicians in Illinois and says she's proud of her record as the incumbent state attorney general.

"It's really fighting for the most vulnerable among us," said Madigan.

In the nearly eight years since her election as the first female Illinois attorney general, Madigan has cracked down on sex offenders, created Operation Guardian to inspect nursing homes and sued major mortgage companies in response to the foreclosure crisis.

"I've proven to be the people's lawyer," said Madigan. "I'm out there protecting our kids, I'm protecting women, I'm protecting seniors, I'm protecting consumers, homeowners and I'm doing so in a very fiscally responsible, non-partisan manner."

"The direction that I would be going in is completely different," said Republican candidate Steve Kim. "I believe public corruption is a key factor of why we're losing jobs in Illinois."

Kim says if elected, he would focus on prosecuting corrupt public officials that he says cause businesses to think twice about investing in Illinois.

"I do not believe that the current attorney general puts public corruption as, as a focal point," Kim said.

"I went right to the heart of corruption, I was the person who initiated the state investigation into Rod Blagojevich way back at the end of 2004," said Madigan. "That investigation lasted for over a year. Ultimately we turned that information over to the United States Attorney's Office."

The last time Madigan ran for office, she received more than 70-percent of the vote. Libertarian candidate Bill Malan says he knows he's a long shot to win, but wants voters to see him as a vote against the political establishment.

"A vote for me is a protest vote, a meaningful protest vote," said Malan. "Not only for the positive ideas of let's get to the root of this corruption, but let's address all the issues in this state and it could send a loud message."

Green Party candidate David Black did not respond to ABC7's attempts to contact him for the story.

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