Midway among best for on-time arrivals, but not departures

November 9, 2010 11:45:35 AM PST
Chicago's airports rated near the top when it comes to on-time arrivals in the latest national survey, but they did not fare so well when it comes to departures.

Midway and O'Hare airports both ranked in the top 10 for on-time arrivals for the month of September, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics survey.

Planes arrived on-time about 87 percent of the time at each Chicago airport in September. However, at Midway, planes took off on-time only about 82 percent of the time, putting that airport near the bottom of the list of major airports.

At 86 percent on-time departures, O'Hare placed near the middle of that list.

September 2010 Major Airport On-Time Performance
The nation's 29 major airports
Source: Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics


O'Hare 16th (86.27 percent on time)
Midway 26th (81.78)
Best: Portland (91.77)
Worst: JFK (78.14)


O'Hare 8th (87.05)
Midway 4th (87.82)
Best: Denver (90.02)
Worst: San Francisco (75.79)