Step by Step: Packing for your trip

November 12, 2010 (CHICAGO)

"It is truly an art form. What you want to do is put everything you want to wear on a table, and put all the clothes you are thinking about, and then take half of them off! You don't need all of it. What I like to do is write down everything you want to wear. Keep in mind the actual weather. So where you're going, if the weather is warm or if it's cold, you want to check the report four days before you go. You can roll with a water bottle or a mug, and roll up your clothing item around it. Clothes don't wrinkle, especially when you work with blended materials. Remember no 100 percent wools or acrylics because they don't travel well. Then, take your bottle or cup out," said Duke.

For men's dresses shoes, Duke uses a pillowcase.

"Once you have a pillowcase, you are assured that the leather will not get scratched in your travel or anything will spill on it," he said. "And what you do is place it in the corner of the suitcase at the bottom."

"This is what we call an easy way to fold dress slacks or jeans. We have magazines all through the house. Put a magazine at the knee. Fold it in half. From there, you fold one more time in thirds. Everybody has dry cleaning bags. I recommend that what you do to make sure nothing gets on it in travel, you put a dry cleaning bag over it and lay it flat," said Duke.

For traveling with women's shoes, Duke offered the following advice:

"Use the pillowcase. I think because women have are more experience in swaddling, like a baby, it is the same thing. Swaddle your shoes. Then, you place the rubber band around it because a lot of times you want to keep the heels together and you put that in the corner of the bag.

The travel experts says it's also possible to pack evening gowns in a carryon suitcase.

"You put the hem in first. You fold, and you let the rest fall in, and just like our principle with the dry cleaning bag. I have one underneath and actually put one on top to make sure nothing gets scratched or nothing ruins the garment," Duke said.

"The perfect thing is that you have another few corners to place shoes. Don't be afraid. Dry cleaning bags are free. Put them over the garment," said Duke.

James Duke even had advice for packing snacks.

"This is basically what I use as a safety measure when I'm hungry a lot of times before I get to my destination and need a snack. A tupperware container, put it in the middle of your suitcase on top, and I promise you won't have to pay $14 for that burger," Duke said.

The leading trend for carryon bags now is duffel bags and women's oversized handbags, according to Duke.

"Ladies, you have these big duffel bags. So, use them. Airlines are charging a fortune. If you use what you have in your closet, why check a bag? " Duke said.

" When you are practicing kids' stuff, do you use the duffel bags? "ABC7's Judy Hsu asked.

"Use the duffel bags because they hold a lot. You can put toys in. You can put Mr. Squeaky in or whatever, and it saves a lot of time from checking luggage," Duke said.

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