Teen with Asperger's makes film

December 9, 2010 (PALATINE, Ill.)

It took three years to put together, but at 18 years old, Alyssa Huber has accomplished more than the average teenager despite her disability.

"Cursed Waters" is a lighted-hearted comedy about a boy who lost his job and joins a pirate crew.

Huber got her movie idea watching the special features of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" DVD.

Huber also created the set.

"My dad helped with most of the sets, but I was the one who came up with the main idea of what they should look like," she said.

Alyssa was diagnosed in 2004 with Asperger's Syndrome, mom Linda said.

"She was about 12. I home schooled her for six years and put her in public school in seventh grade, and the school looked at me like, 'What is up with her?' And I just said, 'Well, she's eccentric, she's different, you know, we just kind of accepted her the way that she was," said Linda.

It was natural for the family to be upset with Alyssa's diagnoses.

"But I got all past that when Alyssa said something to me one time. She said, 'Mom, if you had a choice if I had this or not had this, what would you choose? Would you choose me to have this?' And I said, 'Alyssa, I love the way God created you, and I can't imagine you any other way,'" said Linda.

Alyssa's gift for making films could be a result of her disability.

"I think that for her, it's her way of expressing the things that maybe she can't always in everyday life when you go back and forth. If you're unable to always understand what someone is telling you and you can't always process that in your brain," said Linda.

For Alyssa, the film is just a beginning.

"I'm probably actually done with making movies, but I am gonna make, like, short films, mostly comedies," she said.

Alyssa worked to earn money to pay for all the props and costumes.


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