Some stores still offer gift-wrapping service

December 21, 2010 (CHICAGO)

Macy's on State Street has continued a long holiday tradition that goes back over 50 years. It's that service that costs us a few bucks but is worth every penny. It's the gift wrap department.

Many big name stores have dropped the practice, but Macy's -- just in their flagship stores -- is still wrapping away.

"It's one of the long-standing traditions. It's like our holiday tree and our animated windows," said Linda Piepho, V.P. GM Macy's on State Street.

No one is saying why this has been dropped in so many stores, but it is not a big money maker. However, it is a good timesaver for those who don't know Scotch tape from a hammer.

"I probably could, but it would look like a third grader did it," said one shopper.

Not everyone needs the help because of lack of talent. Many just want that special look.

"Presentation is everything."

Let's face it. Wrapping Christmas yourself can be a real pain. It takes too long, they don't look so good, and it almost gets you out of the Christmas spirit.

So that's why you turn it over to the pros -- pros like 30-year wrapping veteran Sylvia Burger.

Everyone has a reason for visiting the gift wrap department.

This one is the best:

"I can't wrap my gifts because my arm is broken," said Issar, a gift giver with a wounded wing.

So don't give up. There's help just over the gift wrap counter.

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