Paychecks come late for workers at Alsip company

December 22, 2010 (ALSIP) The employees at the Consumer Product Services staged a sit-in at their plant on Tuesday.

Jamie Rosian looked through four weeks of checks Wednesday, all back-pay for her work reconditioning large appliances at Consumer Products Services. Multiple checks were distributed to her and her co-workers by the vice president of operations, who flew into town Wednesday morning from New York state.

"I was five weeks behind, and I was struggling," said Rosian. "You know, I have bills to pay."

The back-pay comes after workers took action, stopping work for two days until they got their checks. It was the second time they went on strike in about two months.

"They got back on a roll after the strike - we were on a weekly basis again for about a good two months, and then we fell in a rut again," said employee Robert Zerwien.

The company vice president declined an on-camera interview and referenced a previous statement by the company's public relations firm explaining that the business has run into financial problems as it tries to expand.

The firm explained that the checks have brought the company up-to-date with the most recent pay period and include extra money for inconvenience.

Some employees say that action is not enough.

"He has been using our money for several weeks obviously without our permission to float his company," said employee Andres Restrepo. "I feel there should be some compensation for using my money and keeping me hanging."

The company gave the workers the rest of the week off with pay. Some employees said Wednesday that they now have the money they need to buy their Christmas presents.

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