Cries for help heard in L.A. Tan 9-1-1 call

December 23, 2010 (ORLAND PARK, Ill.) A clerk at the L.A. Tan salon in Orland Park is heard on the recording pleading for help.

"I need police. I have a robbery at L.A. Tan on 94th," the clerk says in the recording. "I need help right now, he has a gun."

Would-be robber Gary Amaya tried to tie up the worker when customer Jason McDaniel walked into the Orland Park store. Amaya had put down the gun for a moment. McDaniel grabbed it and shot and killed Amaya.

"He's on the ground. I have a customer helping me. The robber is shot but I need help right now please," the clerk says in the recording.

Amaya may have been the so-called 'Honeybee killer' who went on a shooting rampage along the Illinois-Indiana border in October.

Investigators have not confirmed that, even though they say the gun used in both cases is the same.

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