Last minute holiday shoppers crowd stores

December 23, 2010 (CHICAGO)

"Lot of people like me, last minute shoppers trying to get it in, not disappoint too many people -- trying to do what you can do for the holidays," said John Hajewski. "I'm hoping to be done in the next hour."

The time for online shopping has passed. This close to Christmas, in-store sales are expected to spike.

"This is a window that is really all bricks and mortar. The online retailers have really put their books to bed -- they can't ship right away," said retail research consultant Owen Shapiro with Leo J. Shapiro & Assoc.

Stores going 24 hours have helped bring shoppers in, like Toys R Us in Riverside.

"It's just so convenient. I can wake up a few hours earlier and come and do my shopping, beat the crowds. Even an hour or two might make a difference," Juanita Solis said.

Longer store hours or not, some are simply trying to get it all in now.

"I'm already tired already, and I only started a couple of hours ago and I only got one thing," John Vargas said.

Tom Kasperski knows exactly what to get his teenage nieces and nephews -- no gift wrap required.

"I'm givin' between 40 and 50 bucks each. They're all like between 15 and 19 -- what am I gonna buy 'em? Can't buy 'em gifts." Kasperski said. "That's seven or eight people; all I have to do is throw down cash."

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