What will be in your backpack in 2011?

December 31, 2010

Arthur asks, "If 2011 was going to be the last year of your life, what would be in your backpack?"

Clint reveals his own personal backpack items as an example of how to plan for and get the most out of next year:

1. My list of goals for the year - To stay on track, keep myself accountable, I read them once a month.

2. Cell phone - To be in great communication with my team of people holding me accountable, inspecting me, inspiring me and celebrating wins with me.

3. Laptop - To write my novel and conduct business over the web.

4. One gallon of water - I will drink 128 ounces of water ever day to be healthy and continue my weight loss.

5. Guidebooks for Paris, Rome and Edinburg - I will be visiting those cities in the summer with my wife and daughter to nurture my family relationships.

6. Dog collar and leash - I will walk my dog every day to maintain my weight loss, physical fitness and my relationship with my pet.

7. Swim goggles - For fun summer trips to the beach and Catalina island.

8. Blueprints for the building I'm going to build on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles - A realization of a 6-year project.

9. Hard hat - For construction site visits.

10. Corkscrew - I'm going to drink some amazing bottles of wine in pursuit of "The Good Life."

11. Paint brushes - For the three great paintings I'm going to paint to feed my soul.

12. The Last Year Of Your Life action guide - To explore what it means to be a human being and get everything out of life.

The Boy Scout motto is "Be prepared." Arthur says: "You can be prepared for 2011 by making sure you've got the things you really need in your backpack!"

For more information, visit www.LastYearOfYourLife.com

From www.LastYearOfYourLife.com

I'm Clint Arthur, and for the past 3 years it's been my privilege to lead people from around the world in an accelerated life enhancement process called "The Last Year Of Your Life."

After graduating from the Wharton Business School, I chased the Hollywood dream for 10 years and ended up deep in credit card debt, driving a taxi to survive and terrified that I would never be able to turn my life around and achieve any of the greatness that was inside of me. Then one day, a man said something to me that changed my life forever and impacted the lives of everyone in my inner circle: "You don't know it yet, but you're already dead."

I thought about that obsessively until it was New Year's Day, and when I sat down to write my annual list of goals I asked myself the key question: "What would you want to accomplish if this was going to be the last year of your life?"

That year I wrote my book about what I learned at Wharton, I built a factory to produce a product I now sell to the top chefs and resorts in the world, I lost 40 pounds without changing my diet, joining a gym or hiring a trainer, and most importantly, I revived my crumbling marriage. (This February we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary.) Other people have done equally amazing things, traveling the world, recording their albums of music, starting businesses, finding their true self-worth and finding their soul mates.

I lead my clients and members through a 52-week time-tested program that covers a myriad of topics designed to evoke what's really important in their lives, and which inspires them to go for their true heart's desires right now, this year -- to make huge things happen. If it's starting a business, creating any kind of work of "art," traveling the world, repairing relationships, losing weight, quitting smoking, staying sober or just finding your real passion, "The Last Year Of Your Life" provides a unique perspective on what is special about you and your time on this earth.

Through my books, membership site, mastermind teams, conference calls and live events, I guide people through a 52-week journey of personal exploration, discovery, and stepping it up big-time that helps them accomplish their dreams and life-goals within 365 days.

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