Moseley Braun visits Meeks' church

January 3, 2011 6:08:41 AM PST
There was another show of unity Sunday in the race for Chicago mayor as Carol Moseley Braun went to the church of one of her former opponents.

She spoke at Salem Baptist Church, where Rev. James Meeks is pastor, and it was another of her former opponents, Congressman Danny Davis, who introduced her. Davis dropped out of the race Friday, shortly after the Meeks chose not to run.

Meeks and Davis say they dropped out because it was important to have a single candidate in Moseley Braun to unite the African-American community. She made a not-so-veiled reference Sunday to the clout Rahm Emanuel brings to the race.

"All the money in the world's gonna be pouring into Chicago, people just parachuting in here to try to take control of the city," she said.

There are still 11 candidates in the race for Chicago mayor.