3 patients get new kidneys thanks to donor's generosity

January 5, 2011 6:20:04 PM PST
Three patients at Northwestern Hospital have new kidneys, thanks to a single Good Samaritan who stepped forward and donated one of her kidneys.

Brenda Bogue, 44, started a transplant domino effect when she walked into the transplant center and offered her kidney to someone in need. Her act of kindness convinced two other willing donors to give their kidneys to compatible recipients as well.

"I didn't realize how many people were on the waiting list and how many people die waiting for a kidney. And when I realized we are all pretty safe to be a donor, and God's given me 44 years of good health. For me at least, it was an easy decision to do," said Bogue.

"It's hard to express, but when you're that lucky it's a wonderful feeling," kidney recipient Donald Fradkin.

Doctors say there are far more people in need of transplants than there are donors.