City wages war on potholes

January 11, 2011 4:31:13 AM PST
Pothole season has arrived in Chicago, but it's not as bad as in years past, according to the city.

Crews are out trying to fill the road hazards, but complaints of potholes seem to be down.

"Not as many as the last few years. I think they're doing a great job," one driver said.

The number of potholes that needed to be filled in last month was down significantly from a year ago, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation. In December 2010, 21,392 potholes were patched compared to 26,000 potholes in December 2009.

Officials say the number of potholes is down because there have been less extreme temperature swings so far this winter-- as moisture seeps into the pavement and freezes, it expands causing the pavement to crumble and buckle-- and some deteriorated roadways have been repaved.

Drivers should call 311 to report potholes to the city which will then send out crews.

"Citizens calls to 311 to report potholes are used to create daily maps. From those maps we route and dispatch crews accordingly," said Bobby Ware, CDOT.

The city has as many as 20 crews available for pothole repair that are dispatched as calls come in to 311.