Sheriff to teens: Use technology in proper ways

January 12, 2011 4:49:00 PM PST
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says his department is making more frequent arrests for cyber-bullying, sexting and other abuses of online technologies.

Dart spent part of Wednesday talking to junior high students about the dangers of the internet and other technologies.

He says he wants them to know how to protect themselves by using technology in a proper and legal way.

"It's horrible. It's no surprise why some of these kids have done some of the drastic things they've done, so it's really an appeal to kids to be on their guard against predators, but also be very thoughtful when they're using technology that they aren't using it in a hurtful way or a potentially embarrassing way," Dart said.

Dart says the most common cyber arrests involve men trying to illegally entice underage kids to meet via the internet.