UofC scientist discovers new dinosaur

January 13, 2011 6:40:20 PM PST
A University of Chicago scientist announced the discovery of a new dinosaur Thursday.

Dr. Paul Sereno led a team of paleontologists who discovered the new species in Argentina. On Thursday, he showed off some of the real bones from the dinosaur, along with a model showing what it may have looked like.

The dinosaur has been named Eodromaeus, which means dawn runner because it comes from the earliest age of the dinosaurs, about 230 million years ago.

"We're not very far away, maybe three or four million years from that dinosaur eve that would look like eodromaeus, a two-legged animal, perhaps a carnivore, that would have been the first dinosaur to walk the planet," said Dr. Sereno.

The announcement was streamed live to two schools, including Haugen Elementary in Chicago. The students got to submit questions to Dr. Sereno.