South suburban mayors, police meet to discuss crime

January 31, 2011 4:46:47 AM PST
Riverdale Mayor Deyon Dean invited more than a dozen suburban mayors and police chiefs to a meeting Sunday afternoon to talk about a recent crime spree in their communities.

The officials say as Chicago shutters housing projects, some people are leaving the city, moving to the suburbs and committing crimes.

They do not have statistics on the crime increase, but they say robberies, burglaries, home invasions and sex assaults are up.

They are looking for funding to provide more police, more police equipment as well as money for economic development.

"Our programs have to come up to par to deal with issues of those moving into our community," said Riverdale Mayor Deyon Dean. "Many are not bad, but if there are no jobs or resources they have no alternative but to commit crime."

"We try to upgrade our police equipment, vehicles. State representatives claim they'll do it for us but they fall short on what they say they're gonna do most of the times," said Phoenix Police Capt. George Bowman.

The mayors say they will approach their legislators to see what assistance they can provide.