National Consumers League raises questions over Vitamin Water health claims

February 3, 2011 2:08:34 PM PST
A national consumer group is asking the federal government to crack down on ads for Vitamin Water, calling them "dangerously misleading."

The ads from Coca-Cola claim the popular drink has vitamin C and zinc to "help support a healthy immune system." And a poster bears a headline reading "Vitamin Water: Flu shots are so last year."

The National Consumers League is asking the government to put a stop to Vitamin Water's references to health benefits because they're unproven.

"There's a difference between stating that certain elements of a product are good for you and implying that the product will actually prevent the consumer from catching the flu or coming down with the common cold," said Courtney Brein, National Consumers League.

Vitamin Water has said the contents of its product are clearly marked on the label. The company went on to say: "Vitamin Water has always had a fun, humorous and engaging personality...and our ads reflect that."