Police search for hit-and-run driver who struck 2

February 8, 2011 10:00:00 PM PST
Two women are hospitalized after they were struck by an SUV while crossing a street in the Loop Tuesday night.

The victims were hit in the 100 block of South State Street around 7:30 p.m.

A search is under way for the person who was behind the wheel. Police say the vehicle was a four-door Montero with Illinois license plate X765013.

Hit-and-run victim Maureen Doyle, 70, is recovering from several broken bones. From her room in intensive care, Doyle had a message for the driver.

"Turn yourself in, please. Please. And stop driving," Doyle told ABC7.

Doyle and a friend had just left a restaurant and were walking on Monroe on their way to the symphony. Police say an SUV went through a red light and struck the two women as they were crossing State.

"I never saw a thing...it happened that quickly," said Doyle. "It wasn't until I was in the ambulance that somebody said that two people...had been hit by a car, a hit-and-run."

The SUV sustained heavy damage, but witnesses say the driver kept going despite the efforts of bystanders.

"Other pedestrians were actually trying to get the car to stop. And then by that time, the car had been all the way down by the next light, Adams and Jackson, running lights," said witness Patrick Ike.

Doyle's niece is stunned by the driver's actions.

"There's no way they didn't know that they hit two people, and to not stop, I just can't imagine someone doing that," said Mary Pat Doyle, victim's niece.

"I have a broken shoulder, broken ribs, and fractures in my knee," said Maureen Doyle.

Doyle's friend suffered similar injuries. But on Wednesday both women were alert. They were talking and receiving treatment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

"As battered as she is, it could have been a lot worse, so very grateful that she's in as good a condition as she is," said Mary Pat Doyle.

The intersection has at least two police surveillance cameras and investigators are reviewing the tape.

"Hopefully he, or he or she, won't do this to somebody else," said Maureen Doyle.

"I would like them to do the right thing, you know, and turn themselves in. And take responsibility for what happened," said Mary Pat Doyle.

Maureen Doyle said she wants to thank all the bystanders who attended to her and her friend before ambulances arrived.