Mystery Spot: Macy's on State Street

February 11, 2011 7:47:28 AM PST
The first Marshall Field's store was destroyed during the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Macy's on State Street
· Current building was constructed in six phases between 1893 and 1914 that comprise the city block
· From 1987 to 1992, the State Street store was renovated, with the major objective to unify the current store
· Second-largest department store in the world
· Encompasses one square city block, totaling over 2 million square feet and 10 floors of retail shopping
· Designed by the architectural firm of D. H. Burnham & Co.
· Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

The Great Clocks
· Commissioned in 1897
· Weigh 73/4 tons each
· Perched on the corners of State and Washington (1907) and State and Randolph (1904), each clock is a city landmark
· Immortalized in a Norman Rockwell painting for the November 3, 1945, cover of the most popular magazine of the time, The Saturday Evening Post

Granite Pillars
· Constructed in 1902
· 50 feet tall
· Located on State Street
· Second tallest in the world, next to those on the facade of the ancient Egyptian Temple of Karnak

The North Light Well
· Built in 1902
· The tallest light well located in any department store in the world
· At the State and Randolph Streets corner
· Reopened in 1992 after years of renovation

Tiffany Ceiling
· Constructed in 1907
· Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany
· Turn-of-the-century masterpiece was the first and is the largest of its kind
· 6,000 square feet and containing 1,600,000 pieces of favrile glass
· Hand-laid by 50 men working for more than two years under the supervision of Louis Comfort Tiffany
· Written plans for the design do not exist, ensuring the design remains unduplicated

Corinthian Columns
· Constructed between 1902 and 1907
· Located throughout the 1st floor
· An original part of the structure designed to lend support to the upper floors

Burnham Fountain/ The "Lost" Fountain
· Constructed in 1991 and built to the likeness and scale of Daniel Burnham's original plans for the State Street building
· Plans for the fountain were recovered after the architectural firm of Hambrecht Terrell discovered drawings while doing more than 2,500 hours of research for our renovation during the early 1990s

The Atrium
· Constructed in 1991 to be the unifying centerpiece of the renovation
· The 10-story landmark addition preserves the integrity and grandeur of the original structure
· The only remaining part of Holden Court, the alley that originally traversed the center of what is now the State Street store
· Holden Court was originally capped by a fire escape shaft open to the outside elements

The 28 Shop®
· Opened in 1941
· Haute couture shop within the store
· Named for the traditional entrance of the carriage trade at 28 E. Washington Street
· Originally housed 28 dressing rooms, each with a distinct décor
· Designed by Joseph Platt, who in 1939 had completed his work on the set of the classic film Gone With the Wind
· Christian Dior and a very young Yves Saint Laurent made their first trip to America in the fall of 1957 to visit our 28 Shop®

The Walnut Room
· 8th-floor viewing area
· One of the oldest restaurants in Chicago
· Features the original Circassian walnut paneling and Austrian chandeliers
· The famous "Chicken Pot Pie" was originally the recipe of Mrs. Hering, an employee in the Millinery department in the 1870s
· The Wine Bar offers 100 wines by the bottle and 50 by the glass

· 2-story Great Tree in the Walnut Room, trimmed with 15,000 lights and 1,200 ornaments
· World-famous animated, themed window displays (State Street)
· SantaLand, home to Santa Claus (5th Floor)
· Holiday Lane Shop (6th floor)

· Three different kinds of chocolate are part of the Frango® recipe
· 200 lbs. of chocolate are melted to make one batch of Frango® Mint Chocolate candy
· Over one million pounds of Frango® Mint Chocolates are produced each year

· The fall fashion happening kicks off the fall fashion season with the newest looks from celebrated designers
· Stage shows and unforgettable performances by renowned entertainers celebrate the fashion extravaganza
· Presented in the historic Chicago Theater

Flower Show
· Held week prior to and following Easter
· More than 1 million plants and cut flowers
· Over 7,000 staff hours to design and install

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