Job search tips for getting (back) to work

February 20, 2011 7:22:35 AM PST
Although some companies are hiring now, unemployment is still high in the Chicago area and the United States.

Sal DiFranco with DHR International visited the ABC7 studio to provide tips to help you find a job.

Also, the Illinois Department of Employment Security offers great resources.

1. Know the company you are applying to, and tailor your resume to show what you can do to improve their bottom-line.

2. If you are applying for a sales job, cite numbers/ percentages of revenue that you brought in at past companies.

3. If you are applying for an account managing job, cite specific positive relationships you made happen in past work.

4. If you are applying for a technical job, cite increased efficiency/productivity that you established in your former work place.

5. Employers/recruiters need your resume information in an easy-to-read-and-understand format. Avoid lengthy paragraphs, and stick to bullet points or succinct listed accomplishments.

6. Don't share the whole story, just the most important information, which is your accomplishment or goal achieved for your former employer. Then employers will be encouraged to invite you in for an interview to hear your strategy for accomplishment.

7. Resumes should not be written margin to margin. Leave space on the side so whoever is reading your resume can take notes on your interview. They will be able to remember you more easily from a group of applicants.

8. Most importantly, state what you can do for the business, not what you have personally done for yourself.