Congressmen fight for Englewood Flyover money

February 24, 2011 3:00:50 PM PST
Members of Illinois' congressional delegation are fighting for funding. They're pushing back against a Republican plan that would eliminate money for construction of the so-called "Englewood flyover."

It would be a rail bridge near 63rd and State.

The flyover was designed to eliminate a bottleneck that delays Amtrak and Metra service. It was funded with $133 million. That's part of nearly $7 billion in transportation funding the Republican House has voted to eliminate.

Senator Dick Durbin and representatives Bobby Rush and Dan Lipinsky say the project will create nearly 1,500 jobs-- and getting rid of it is shortsighted.

"I think this is a victim of the very quick cutting that had to be done under the pressure of some of the tea party members of the House Republican conference," said Lipinsky.

In addition to freight traffic, about 78 Metra trains and 14 Amtrak trains use the crossing each day.