''Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?''

March 7, 2011 10:08:27 AM PST
It's a question many may ponder as they apply lip balm for the fifth time in a few hours: can you really get hooked on lip balm?

According to Perry Romanowski, the author of the new book "Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?" the answer is yes, kind of.

Romanowsky explains, "When you put the lip balm on the dry skin, what that does is interfere with the signaling mechanism that signals to the lower cells to start producing more." "Using lip balm, while it makes your lips feel good initially, when it wears off your skin feels dry again and your skin doesn't have time to replenish that." So you apply more lip balm. And when that wears off, you apply more. And more. And more! "And so in that way you can get 'addicted'; it becomes sort of a psychological habit."

Romanowsk says his book also addresses several other beauty myths, teaches consumers how cosmetic products work, what advertising claims actually mean, and how to make smarter buying decisions.

How you can tell if beauty products have gone bad:

-Change in odor
-Color shifting
-Change in texture
-Microbial contamination - black spots or fuzzy growth on the product
- Physical separation

There are many home beauty gadgets that make all sorts of claims from treating acne to erasing wrinkles. Romanowski recommends:
- Hair Removal - The Epila SI -808 Laser and the Spa Touch from Radiancy
-Hair Growth - Hair Max LaserComb from Lexington International LLC
-Acne - Zeno MD from Tyrell and Clear Touch Lite from Radiancy
-Facial Photorejuvenation - NuLase from NuLase International LLC and Clear Touch Lite from Radiancy
Facial Toning - Facial Toning Device from Radiancy

What Does Organic Mean in Terms of Cosmetics?

Organic doesn't mean quite the same thing in the cosmetics industry as it does in the food industry. These terms are not regulated for cosmetics as they are for farming. Natural or organic cosmetic products don't provide any added benefit for consumers. In fact, many companies that strive to make organic or natural products often end up with finished products that are fictionally inferior to more mainstream products.

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