Teacher allegedly mocks student on Facebook

March 31, 2011 4:39:42 AM PDT
Chicago Public Schools is investigating a mother's concerns involving a picture her child's teacher allegedly posted on Facebook.

Ukailya Lofton, 7, says math is her favorite subject. She also likes to dress up. For picture day last week, Ukailya wore Jolly Rancher candies at the end of her braids, a hairstyle she says her computer teacher at Overton Elementary School mocked on Facebook.

"She took a picture of me and then she said my boyfriend can't believe this," Ukailya told ABC7.

"She told me her teacher told her to put her hair in her face and she took out her cell phone and she took a picture, not knowing she was putting my baby on Facebook and criticize her," said Lucinda Williams, mother.

Williams says she copied some of the comments from the teacher's Facebook page. The teacher allegedly wrote, "right, this is for picture day." Then someone commented,"if you are going to make your child look ridiculous, the least you can do is have them matching." Another wrote,"yeah, this is foolishness." And one added, "I laughed so hard that my contact popped out."

"My mama told me she put it on Facebook and then I felt sad," said Ukailya.

A spokesperson for CPS says, "the district is currently investigating the matter to determine if any policies have been violated. If policies have in fact been violated, the district will move on disciplinary action."

Williams says she went to the school and talked with the principal and the teacher. She says the teacher did apologize for her actions, but Williams is not satisfied.

"She never apologized to my daughter. She is still in the school. She wasn't suspended. I mean, it's like nothing happened. She just apologized and that's it. That's not enough," said Williams.

ABC7 was unable to contact the teacher for a comment.

Williams says the teacher told her that she deleted the page, but the mother would like her to apologize to her daughter.

Williams has hired an attorney and on Friday they are planning a news conference and a lawsuit against CPS will be filed that same day.