Job Hunting Tips, Career Expo Info

April 5, 2011 9:36:58 AM PDT
'Good Morning America's' Tory Johnson will host a career fair in Chicago on Wednesday. Plus, her top tips for landing a job.

START OVER. Wipe the slate clean. Here's why: When you've been searching for so long, you've come to believe that nothing works. You think you've tried it all - and you're so accustomed to rejection that it seeps into all you do. Declare today a new day, a fresh start - and recommit to tackling this search. No more "that doesn't work." It's a new day and a whole new outlook.

LEAVE HOME EVERY DAY. You will not get hired when you're hiding behind a computer all day. People hire people - and people are your best sources of job leads. Consider strategic volunteer for something that's closely connected to what you want to get paid for. If you like dogs, but you're a marketing professional, then work at a ASPCA in the marketing dept, not playing with puppies. Attend industry functions where you'll meet people in the trenches in your field. Join Meet Up groups in your area. Attend career expos - the free Women For Hire event tomorrow isn't just about meeting the employers, it's also as much as connecting with other attendees, learning from the seminars, picking up one new nugget of something that may give you that light-bulb moment that makes it all click.

FOLLOW 5 BY 5. Be deliberate about connecting with five people every day - ideally by phone, not just via email. Five people by 5pm every day. It could be a follow-up, it may be a new lead. The more people you connect with, the faster you'll find success.

START A BUSINESS. Yes, here's why: workplace morale is at a three-year low right now. It's not an easy time to find a new job but you can't dump the one you have. What you can do, however, is start a teeny business on the side - something that you know is all yours, that you can sink your mind into and build as you wish. So if or when that pink slip comes, you're covered. Or when you've gotten it humming along, you may be the one to choose to quit. Too many people are terrified now of the "what if. . . " What if I lose my job? What if I get that pinks slip? What if my spouse is laid off? The best way to fight the fear is to manage it with action. Everyone can take action to start a micro business - and it's another reason I'm here in Chicago now for Thursday's Spark & Hustle conference.

Women For Hire
Navy Pier
Wed., 10am to 2pm

Spark & Hustle 3-day conference
Thursday- Saturday
Crowne Plaza O'Hare

To register for the "SparkandHustle" seminar at the discounted ABC7 rate go to -- click the CONFERENCE tab, select CHICAGO. Then click to register -- there's a promo box where you enter the word "WLS" and the rate instantly drops. Must register Tuesday online.