Potholes pop up with spring weather

April 5, 2011 2:32:50 PM PDT
With the spring thaw comes potholes -- and the city crews sent out to fix them. CDOT says 112,000 potholes were filled in March.

"I think my car has hit every one and I've had three flats so, yeah, not pretty," Jan Walsh said.

"The potholes are pretty brutal. Wonder where tax dollars are going," Peter Ramos said.

According to the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), the number of potholes reported double in the month of March compared to February.

"This year has been a late bloomer in terms of potholes. Usually by December and January we start seeing our numbers go up," said Brian Steele, CDOT. "In the month of March we filled about 112,000 and that's about double from February. So far April is not as high, but we still have some colder weather we'll have to deal with."

While potholes can be found all over the city, particularly in the arterial streets, residential streets are also hard hit. In West Rogers Park, long stretches of potholes can be found. And, then there are the patches on top of patches. Residents say this area is just pothole prone, and needs to be completely resurfaced.

"It's more like a crater than a pothole. It's been like this for years and years and years. They don't do the work they should be doing," Patricia Hudson, West Rogers Park resident, said.

"I've damaged the tire rods on my van and I have a very, very large vehicle. And it doesn't make sense to place asphalt and continue to go. And the automotive costs are ridiculous. $200, $300 to replace tire rods or get a new rim for a vehicle," Jeremy Cummings said.

The city says the numbers are coming down it has all it's available crews out on the streets. About 17-20 during the day on weekdays. We found this one working today in Pilsen. But, CDOT says they can't fix it if the residents don't first report it, either online or by calling 311.

Report a pothole

"With over 3800 miles of streets we really depend on the public to help us identify where these locations are. If the 311 call gets us to the area, we take care of everything on the block," Steele said.