Cheese Grits

April 18, 2011 8:54:22 AM PDT
Executive Chef Cary Taylor of The Southern restaurant shares this recipe.

A. Coarse ground Grits or Polenta 3 cups
B. Water 12 cups
C. Salt 1 Tbslp
D. Cheddar Cheese, cut into small pieces 12 oz.
E. Butter 4 oz
F. Hot Sauce 2 Tsp

1. Bring Grits, Water and salt to a boil in a large pot
2. Turn heat down to low and stir often, cooking for 40 minutes or until grits become thick and cooked through
4. Remove from heat, fold in cheese, butter and hot sauce and TASTE
5. Pour mix onto a greased, parchment-lined sheet tray and smooth over
6. Cool immediately without wrapping