2 bodies found in horse manure in Gary

April 25, 2011 3:10:33 PM PDT
The bodies of two men were found Sunday morning on a horse farm in northwest Indiana wrapped in plastic and buried in a manure pile.

It is not known how long the bodies were there. The bodies were discovered by a man who was boarding his horse. The farm is located in a remote, wooded area on the southeast side of Gary.

Gary police had to use a backhoe to sift through the giant pile of manure to uncover the bodies. Now they're trying to find out who the victims are and why they were murdered.

The horse farm is at the end of Mississippi Street on the southeast side of Gary, a quiet neighborhood tucked away from the rest of the city.

"It is a different feel than the rest of the city. It is more rural than what we're used to with our urban areas," said Gary Police Col. Mike Barnes.

Part of the land is being used as a farm. Nearly 20 horses are boarded there. They have roosters and goats that roam freely.

Gary police are investigating how two bodies ended up buried in a pile of manure.

"I think that whoever put them there did not want them to be found," said Barnes.

Barnes was called to the scene Sunday morning. He said it was about 10:30 when a man searching the property for chicken eggs spotted an arm sticking out of the manure pile.

It turns out there were two bodies, both males, wrapped in plastic.

Calvin Kimbrough goes to the stables every morning to take care of some of the horses. He was there Sunday before the bodies were discovered and says he has never known criminal activity to take place there.

"We never had no problem like this, you know, what's going on. Like I say, it is quiet down here," Kimbrough said.

Police say it's hard to tell how long the bodies have been in the pile since the manure could have sped up decomposition. They haven't identified the victims and are investigating missing persons cases in the area.

Meanwhile, Kimbrough's peace and quiet has been shattered.

"It is dangerous to me. Now I'll look at everything before I come down here," Kimbrough said.

Both victims appear to be either white or Hispanic. One is about 5'7" and the other is 6'0". If you have any information, you're asked to call Gary police.