HS team leaves field over racial taunts from crowd

May 3, 2011 4:58:08 PM PDT
The girls' junior varsity soccer team at Elgin's Larkin High School says they walked off the field during a game with St. Charles East because of racial taunts from someone in the stands.

A St. Charles School District 303 official says they have been able to identify a group of students that were reportedly making racially insensitive comments towards players of the Larkin freshmen soccer team during a game last Thursday.

"It didn't involve any of the girls on the team but involved spectators watching the game," said Jim Blaney with St. Charles School District 303. "It was about four students who were making several comments, and then at some point, it crossed into being ethnically inappropriate comments. So right now what the principal's office and the athletic department are doing is determining who these students were."

During Thursday's game in St. Charles, Ill., spectators from St. Charles allegedly started making comments about Larkin players' ethnicity, and when the comments did not stop, the team left the field and forfeited the game.

"The coach said something, the comments continued, and so at that point, she felt like for protecting her girls that she needed leave," said Larkin High School Principal Jon Tuin.

The Elgin principal says that St. Charles officials called him Tuesday morning, and that they have agreed to take the forfeit for the game, therefore eliminating Elgin from any responsibly.

"I'm confident that the St. Charles East school will deal with the situation. I think they have identified at least one student and they have some leads on some others. They have been very reassuring that they're going to do everything they can to deal with the issue," Tuin said.

St. Charles is investigating to find out who was responsible, with possible consequences for the offenders.

"We don't tolerate that in District 303, so obviously discipline may come into it if it's been determined they are District 303 students," said Blaney with District 303.

The Larkin principal says the junior varsity team is made up of exceptional students and leaders, and that this is an unfortunate incident; but, it is not stopping the team from moving forward, practicing and even playing a game Tuesday evening.