Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Card Kit:

Games for Mom: 2 games she will love, that will also encourage kids and moms to PLAY together.

From ThinkFun games, "Chocolate Fix":
(Moms love a good chocolate fix and this box of fun won't widen hers hips...just her brain)

and "Notable Novelists": For the book-loving mom.

A great summer read: Good Enough is the New Perfect: Finding Happiness and Success in Modern Motherhood. 16.95 ( For a generation of over-acheivers, obsessed with perfection, reinventing motherhood is the logical path. The lofty idea of "having it all" is not an impossibility, but every woman must define what she means by "all" and create it in her life.

Mom's "Time-out in a box". If you really waited til the last minute and it's Sunday morning, head to the grocery store. Fill a basket or gift bag with guilty-pleasure fashion mags, chocolate, special tea, a bouquet of flowers, and any other fun thing you find in the isles. Then send her to her room, by herself for a long "Time Out".

Brunch List:
Seasons, the Four Seasons
Sixteen, Trump Hotel
Puck's, Museum of Contemporary Art
Deca, Ritz Carlton
The Peninsula Chicago

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