EAT:The Effortless Weight Loss Solution

May 11, 2011 (CHICAGO)

However, Smith stresses that EAT is not a diet book -- but a tool for learning how to how to eat freely and lose weight.


EAT is not a diet book. In the same way that French Women Don't Get Fat or Michael Pollan's The Food Rules showed people how to eat, rather than dictating what to eat, in EAT, Dr. Ian outlines, very simply, the basic tenets that allow anyone concerned about their diet to live more freely and be able to eat and lose weight without stress in any situation.

EAT will give anyone dieting confidence-it's not intended to be constantly referred to as a manual, but a foundation and guide to help readers internalize food essentials and put them into action in their own ways. EAT is a book for people who love food and flexibility.

Dr. Ian's simple rules for good eating include:

- It's a "no diet" diet plan
- It's an extremely flexible way to eat
- Follow the Rainbow-get the most nutritional bang for your buck by choosing brightly colored fruits and vegetables
-Go organic selectively: know what foods are worth buying organic and which aren't
- Size Matters: learn the right portion size for each food you eat. Gorge on protein: not just meats and dairy but rotein-rich vegetables, whole grains and legumes
- Tap the power of carbs: don't buy into the "all carbs are bad" myth
- Sharpen your eye to hidden calories: learn to identify those hidden added sugars on product labels
- Whole grains all the time: don't be fooled by "multigrain" on the label-look for the whole grain stamp
-Drink Smart: don't let liquids wash out your good eating

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