Step by Step: Saving money on groceries

May 11, 2011 (CHICAGO)

And if you're just not good with clipping coupons, there is now a new website that's using the latest technology to help you save on groceries.

It's a common recommendation: Buy what's on sale to save money. But tracking what's on sale at the grocery store every week isn't all that easy. Like most people, Deneen Gillespie says she struggled to find a good way to save money and time.

"I'm always scouring different sites to grab coupons," she said. "And it's been really tough."

But her shopping game plan changed when she stumbled upon Food on the Table, a free meal-planning website that just launched in Chicago.

"It's saved me a lot of money, but the time it takes for me to organize my thoughts on what am I cooking, that alone is a beauty," Gillespie said.

With a 9-year-old and a 7-month-old at home, the busy working mom says the website has been a life saver.

After you register, a list of your local grocery stores pops up. You select the stores you want to shop at, input what you'd like to eat this week, steak or fish, and the website plans out meals for you based on what's on sale at the store, gives you a shopping list and recipes.

"Before I was totally unfocused. I would try to have a plan, but most times I get to the store and get off course," Gillespie said. "So this actually makes me stay on course, and I have recipes to go with it, and I know exactly what I'm cooking."

The website also shows you how much you're saving.

"I can save about $40-60 a week," Gillespie said. Now, she plans out her meals online before hitting the checkout counter.

The obvious question you might be asking is, can the website also print out coupons so you can use it on top of the sales prices? And the answer is no, not currently. But they may be working on that.

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