How to choose the right pair of sunglasses

May 13, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Duke joined ABC7 with tips on which fames fit your face.

1) Round face shape:
You want to go for more of a square or rectangular shape. Keep the color on the warm side. These colors give your face balance and compliments your face shape well. Warm colors also slim your face and were ever you go you will feel comfortable and in style.

2) Oval face shape
The possibilities are endless. You can wear most styles an shapes. Always pick a color that goes with your style and not just because it's trendy. Get two pairs of sunglasses. One for everyday and one for styling while on vacation. Don't choose frames that are too round then or your face shape will appear plane and dull. No one wants that!

3) Angular or Square face shape
Going for more of a round to semi oval shape is best. A frame that has a wider front is key. This shape creates good symmetry for your face. Square shapes also will work. Just don't cover your brow lines. These are some examples for men.

4) Heart face shape
Go flying with aviator shape. They're in style and the mirror rims are so hot now! Have fun with color. Two pairs of sunglasses are realistic. We change our moods and our clothes and sunglasses should reflect that. With this face shape stay away from big bold accents on the temples. They will stand out more than you will. Here are some good examples.

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