Metra train derails in Des Plaines

May 12, 2011 (DES PLAINES, Ill.)

"It was almost like an explosion. The car started tilting... I thought the whole car was going to topple," said one passenger. "Smoke started filling the car."

An ABC7 photojournalist Jeff Freeman was at the Cumberland platform waiting for the Union Pacific Northwest Line #636 inbound- train when he saw the collision.

"Saw a ridiculously large black plume of smoke. The train stopped moving and it looked like it was off the tracks," Freeman said.

He and others ran down to the crash.

There are reports that at least one person was injured. Passengers were taken to the Lattof YMCA, which is near the scene. As many as 800 people may have been on that train, according to Metra officials.

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