Mayor Emanuel holds open house at City Hall

May 16, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Emanuel, his wife and kids greeted nearly 1,500 people who came to greet the new mayor Monday afternoon.

With handshakes and hugs, good will and good wishes, the honeymoon has begun. How long it will last, no one knows.

"How do they say it, I'm cautiously optimistic," said Desiree Meekins, South Side resident.

"He can start with a clean slate and keep it that way," said Jaimie Korelitz, River North resident. "No corruption."

Emanuel will be working from a desk once used by former Mayor Anton Cermak who died after taking a bullet intended for FDR. Cermak is credited with founding Chicago's Democratic machine. Emanuel says he will ignore what is left of it.

Inside the desk was a note from the man who occupied the office for the last 22 years. Emanuel says Richard Daley wrote of the strength of the city and the importance of dealing with its citizens honestly.

Earlier in Millennium Park, invited guests filled the seats to watch the inauguration, but the lawn remained largely empty.

"I didn't vote for the man, but we're going to have him for four years so I'm going to wish him good luck and hopefully the city moves onto better times," said David Rodriguez Jr.

At City Hall, there's a new name on the door and elsewhere in the city signs of change are everywhere, although it's still tough for some people to get their minds around.

"To wish Mayor D...Mayor Daley, great! Mayor Emanuel all the luck in the world," said Sheryl Dworkin.

At the open house, ABC7 learned Emanuel recently received some good news about his real house. Rahm's renter, the man who refused to leave and fueled the residency challenge during the campaign, is reportedly moving out at the end of next month.

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