City Hall staffers get ready for business

May 17, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Most will not move into their City Hall offices for a few days. But the new mayor has moved in and those at City Hall are already working to keep the transition moving.

The imposing limestone structure of Chicago's City Hall will change little over time. Inside, the names and characters shift with a new administration.

Mayor Emanuel began his first full day as mayor of the city of Chicago away from City Hall greeting commuters and attacking the city's financial deficit.

While the newly inaugurated mayor made the rounds, City Hall staffers got ready for the business at hand.

Name plates for the new aldermen in council chambers are in place for Wednesday's first council meeting. On Tuesday, some crews spruced up offices for incoming aldermen. It's all coordinated by Sergeant-at-Arms Tina Butler.

"We've got probably the largest class of aldermen coming in that we've had in many, many years, certainly since I've been sergeant-at-arms," she told ABC7.

Butler has overseen the transition from Daley to Emanuel. She took down the photos of Mayor Daley on Sunday and will have Mayor Emanuel's portraits inserted in the frames.

"I'm very, very excited to work with the new administration, with Mayor Emanuel and all the new people that are coming in. I'm an old dog. Hoping a lot of them get on their feet faster than they would otherwise," Butler said.

Butler has served two terms. On Wednesday, City Council votes on if she serves a third term. For now she's trying to accommodate new and returning officials. Longer tenured aldermen will move to more prestigious offices.

Staffers who maintain their positions in the new administration are focused on impressing the new boss. But some did lose in the transition.

Former longtime alderman Bernard Stone, who lost his council seat in a runoff election, stopped by City Hall Tuesday. He said he's pulling for the new mayor and was happy to catch up with old friends at City Hall.

"I don't have the burden on my back. It's nice," Stone said.

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