NewsViews: Mayor Daley's Legacy

May 22, 2011 (CHICAGO)

One new executive order prohibits Chicago employees from lobbying the city for two years after they leave office. Another blocks city employees from being pressured to make political gifts to the mayor or other city officials. The third prevents city lobbyists from making campaign contributions to the mayor.

The Daley ethics orders that Emanuel reissued ban political contributions to the mayor from the owners of firms doing business with the city; mandate that city employees comply with so-called Shakman clean-hiring rules; and compel city employees to report wrongdoing to Chicago's inspector general.

One of our guests, David Morrison, is deputy director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

Our other guest is very familiar to ABC7 viewers. Andy Shaw, the Better Government Association's president and chief executive officer, was ABC7's longtime political reporter, and is a former host of NewsViews.

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