Witness links Mumbai terror suspect to Danish plot

May 25, 2011 (CHICAGO)

In this Intelligence Report: Mumbai wasn't the only target.

The 2008 attack on Mumbia is India's version of 9/11. They have even branded it 26/11, referring to the 26th day of the 11th month when it began. More than160 people died in that terrorist takeover.

But Wednesday in federal court in Chicago, evidence that Pakistani terrorists, including Tahawwur Rana, the accused Chicago man, had their next target already lined up.

Copenhagen, Denmark was the next target of Pakistan's ruthless terror organization, Lakshar-e-Taiba, known as LeT.

In federal court, admitted terrorist David Coleman Headley of Chicago walked prosecutors through his Denmark scouting mission. Headley said that he rode a bicycle to conduct surveillance on the French embassy and a Danish newspaper that had published a cartoon offensive to Muslims in 2005.

"To Danish politicians, and even general in Denmark, it's very shocking if the case is officers in the Pakistani intelligence actually helped Mr. Headley in conducting surveillence in Denmark," said journalist Claus Block Thomsen who is covering the trial for Danish newspaper Politiken.

That bomb attack never happened, but in Mumbai it did. In November of 2008, an assault took place by ten terrorists that Headley arranged, he says, with the help of Pakistani intelligence agency officials and the help of Rana who is on trial in Chicago.

Mr. Rana ran a North Side immigration agency and is charged with providing cover and travel arrangements for Headley during the ramp-up to the attack. Headley and Rana are boyhood school friends from Pakistan, both now 50 years old.

Late Wednesday, Rana's lawyer began cross-examining Headley, trying to establish that Headley had suckered his old friend into blindly aiding a terrorist scheme by convincing him it would be patriotic for his homeland of Pakistan.

"I don't have to defend him...I know my husband, he is innocent. I love him," said Samraz Rana, wife ofTahawwur Rana.

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