Summer camp: Garage Band U

May 26, 2011 11:05:37 AM PDT
For 28 years, Garage Band U has given parents with children who love music, a unique option for summer camp! Garage Band U creates a fun and supportive environment where musicians of all ages develop their skills by performing as members of a functioning rock band. Musical confidence and ability to grow together and thrive at Garage Band U. Garage Band U students learn what is expected of professional musicians, and they experience the thrill and pride of performing together as members of a real rock band. The program provides its students with a critical learning experience that individual of hands-on group experience. Enrollment for the summer program is now open and they try to maintain an open enrollment policy throughout the semesters.

The summer schedule:
1st semester May 31-July 10
2nd Semester July 18-August 21