Building a Better Breakfast

May 26, 2011

Registered dietitian, Pat Baird suggests for breakfast to choose whole grain cereals. They help you stay fuller longer. Use skim or low fat milk. Another suggestion: keep simple, grab-and-go items like hard-cooked eggs, yogurt, whole fruit. Baird also says to always include protein at breakfast with skim milk, Greek yogurt, and eggs. Be sure to have protein every time you eat including snacks! Baird warns to be aware of "hidden calories". She says for the average person, cream and sugar in coffee adds over 10 pounds per year.

About Pat Baird (Release)

Pat Baird, Registered Dietitian, fitness authority, specializing in the development and communication of information on food, nutrition and health-related issues for consumers and health care professionals.

A Fellow of The American Dietetic Association, Ms. Baird is noted for her expertise in the areas of osteoporosis, weight management, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders. She has touched upon these subjects in numerous articles, featured in magazines such as Cooking Light, Redbook and Restaurant Business. In addition, she has penned a weekly syndicated newspaper column for the Star Ledger.

Winnner of the National Health Information Awards; was named one of the10 best cookbooks of the year by ABC TV's "Good Morning America" and nominated, James Beard Book Award in the "Healthy Focus" category; She also was editorial consultant for "Weight Watcher's Homestyle Favorite Recipes."

Nutrition consultant to several global companies, Ms. Baird is a frequent guest lecturer and facilitator for corporate and consumer weight management and health education programs. She has been a featured speaker at the American Dietetic Association, the NYS Dietetic Association and UN World Health Day. Her frequent radio and TV appearances include The Health Network, CNN and the CBS "Morning Show."

In addition to her role with the NFC, Ms. Baird sits on the Board of The Dietetic Internship Program at New York Presbyterian Medical Center and serves as an Advisory Board Member of the National Heartburn Alliance.

Ms. Baird holds a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and completed the Advanced Nutrition Counseling Program of the Heart Association.

Books by Pat Baird include:

  • Be Good to Your Gut
  • The Pyramid Cookbook: Pleasures of the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Cooking with Mickey & Friends
  • Quick & Hearty
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