Saving on Gas with Apps

May 28, 2011

If you are looking for ways to save at the pump, there's an app for that! Technology expert Hap Aziz, - Director of the School of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College (, visited us in our ABC7 studio to tell us about a list of mobile phone apps that can help you pay less for gas.

1) Waze

- Uses real-time traffic updates from other users to alert drivers of accidents, police traps and road hazards
- Helps avoid traffic congestion and save gas
- Cost: Free
- Compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 or later

2) Gas Hog

- Tracks fuel economy of your car with each fill-up
- Displays historical fuel economy statistics
- Gives tips for improving car's fuel economy
- Cost: $0.99
- Compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 or later

3) GasBuddy

- Uses GPS and cellular triangulation technology to provide listings for gas stations
- Alternatively, users may search via zip code or city
- Cost: Free for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

4) GasBag

- Relies on users submitting gas prices across the country, then delivers them in real-time
- Track car mileage and record details of gas purchases
- Cost: Free for iPhone

5) iGas

- Locates the cheapest price available every time drivers/ users fill their tanks
- Available for iPhone
- Cost: $1.99

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