Missing ex-Woodridge cop accused of stealing $30K

June 10, 2011 (WOODRIDGE, Ill.)

Investigators say Scott Webb, a former Woodridge police officer, took about $30,000 raised at fundraisers for the families of slain officers.

Webb's sister, Dawn Ferralez, talked to ABC7's John Garcia about her hope that he is found safe and that his name can be cleared.

The last time Ferralez says she saw her brother was more than three weeks ago, the day he was supposed to turn himself in to police. But he never did and now police are looking for him.

"He was very scared, you could see it all over his face. For a cop to go to jail...especially in the same county where he has put put people away," said Ferralez.

His sister has boxes of commendations the 10-year veteran officer has received over the years. He was also especially proud of the fundraiser he started with a couple of friends. Supporters came in from around the country for their annual pub crawl. The money was supposed to go to a group called C.O.P.S. - Concerns of Police Survivors. Craig Figgins says he never got a check for the money they raised the last two years. Prosecutors said it should have been about $30,000.

"This wasn't Woodridge PD. This was one person that allegedly decided to do something else with the money," said Figgins.

But Webb's sister finds that impossible to believe. Their father was a cop whose partner was killed in the line of duty. She says that's why he started the charity effort.

Ferralez says there has to be a good explanation for the missing money. She believes it will clear him in the end.

"I want him to come home. I just want him to come home. We'll face it together," said Ferralez in tears.

Webb resigned from the department in March before the charges were filed. He is now facing a $250,000 bail arrest warrant, although prosecutors frequently ask the judge to deny bond in cases where is the suspect fails to turn himself in.

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