Father's Day: Art of Shaving

Proper shaving techniques, quality products and post-shaving skin care can help dad look and feel his best and help avoid razor burn and razor bumps. "The Art of Shaving" Master Barber, Tyler Beswick shares the proper techniques for the best results.

    How do you get the best shave at home?
  • You want to stick to the 4 elements philosophy: Prepare, lather up, shave, and moisturize philosophy.
  • Step 1/Prepare: Before shaving, apply Pre-Shave Oil to protect the skin and to soften the beard.
  • Step 2/Lather: Use a glycerin-based Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap for a close and comfortable shave. For best results, use a brush made of badger hair. It helps generate a warm and rich lather, and softens the beard from the face.
  • Step 3/Shave:
      Use the right shaving techniques:
    • Always shave with the grain first, i.e. in the direction the hair grows.
    • Shaving against the grain first can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn. For an even closer shave, re-lather and shave lightly across or against the grain.
    • Check to see whether the hair on your neck grows in the same direction as the hair on your face. If it doesn't, make sure you adjust accordingly to shave with the grain.
    • Avoid applying too much pressure on your razor since this can cause razor burn and skin irritations. Always glide the razor gently over your face.
  • Step 4/Moisturize: After you shave you want to apply an alcohol-free moisturizing After-Shave Balm or Gel. This will refresh and regenerate the skin. After shaves that contain alcohol will can irritate and dry out the skin and even cause ingrown hairs.
    What is the best time to shave?
  • Always shave after or during a hot shower, never before. Always use hot water while shaving. Hot water softens the beard, opens pores and cleanses the skin.

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