Day after convictions, Blagojevich returned to routine

June 28, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Blagojevich has said repeatedly that his main concern is his family. He and his wife, Patti, have two daughters.

"A lot about what life is, is how you deal you deal with your adversities. It's a true test of who you are, and it's an example to your children on how you deal with the tough times," Blagojevich said as he left his Ravenswood home Tuesday.

In casual clothes, Blagojevich looked relaxed just a day after his convictions were handed down.

"One of the things that motivates me, and has motivated me, and continues to motivate me and Patti is try to show our kids that as tough as things get sometimes, and as unfair as you might think things might be, you just keep doing the best you can," Blagojevich said.

On the same day that Blagojevich was convicted on 17 charges that included trying to sell or trade the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by President Barack Obama, the death of former first lady Lura Lynn Ryan serves as a reminder of the personal price paid for political corruption. Lura Lynn's husband, former governor George Ryan, is serving time in a federal prison for political corruption. It is not clear if Ryan will be allowed to attend his wife's funeral. He was there when she died, according to Ryan's lawyers.

Blagojevich jury foreperson Connie Wilson from Naperville spoke to ABC 7 about the deliberations again on Tuesday morning. She said, "I got up earlier than I normally do. We had a lot of crews here last night very late. I think we are very much at peace with decision. We did everything we could to look at innocent until proven guilty."

The jury found Blagojevich, 54, not guilty on one count and was deadlocked on two others.

Blagojevich is trying to stay positive in the face of adversity.

"And through that adversity and hardship can come good things," Blagojevich.

Blagojevich could get as much as 10 years in prison. A sentencing date has not yet been set, but is expected this fall.

To remain free pending an appeal, Blagojevich must post additional bond, which may come from his family's home and a half-million dollar condo in Washington.

Post trial motions are due July 25. A status hearing is scheduled for August 11, at which point a sentencing date could be set.

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