Storms uproot trees, damage property

July 1, 2011 (WAUKEGAN, Ill.)

ComEd was working to restore power to 9,800 customers Friday afternoon after the storms. Of those customers, 9,000 were in the north suburbs. ComEd has restored power to more than 135,000 customers since Thursday night's storms.

There is damage in many places in the northern suburbs, including Zion, Winthrop Harbor and Waukegan.

"We heard a thud and look out the patio door right off the kitchen and the tree is sitting there, so we get everyone in the basement right away," said Waukegan resident Dyonna Kelly. "And after I got my kids in the basement, then the sirens went off. At least everybody was safe."

Several homes are in ruin after high winds uprooted and snapped trees.

"We have like a big, big hole in the living room, and the kitchen is like a big, big hole," said Waukegan resident Miguel Bueno.

A family in north suburban Beach Park narrowly escaped injury when a large tree fell onto their house. They decided to take shelter when they heard the wind whip up.

"As we were running down the stairs we could hear the roof coming off. All I can say to people out there is trust your instincts -- better safe than sorry -- and that's what it was tonight better safe than sorry," said Roiann Howard of Beach Park.

Moments after Howard's family reached their basement the tree took out the back corner of their house. Another tree destroyed the family's car.

No one was hurt.

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