1 killed, 1 injured in South Side shooting

July 2, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Police have not released many details in the incident.

It appears the shooting happened shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday.

According to authorities, a man and woman were inside of a vehicle when they were both shot. Police say the man, age 25, died from his injuries. The 32-year-old woman was transported to Christ Hospital in serious to critical condition.

It appears, however, that she at least was conscious enough after the shooting to call for help.

"One of the persons that I talked to --that the police department was questioning-- was able to he receive a call from one of the victims. And he arrived on the scene, and his mother arrived on the scene, and he comforted her until they got the paramedics here. So, one of them was still conscious," community activist Andrew Holmes said.

Some neighbors said they heard shots fired.

The motive for the shooting was not clear. Police have made no arrests. Detectives remained on the scene until shortly before 8 a.m. Saturday. The vehicle was towed away shortly thereafter.

Neither of the victims has been identified.

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