Extreme heat doesn't stop outdoor events

July 2, 2011 (CHICAGO)

In Naperville, the only thing hotter than the weather is the ribs.

"I'm throwing ribs in my face, and kinda using the barbecue sauce as a cooling agent," said Ribfest goer Ryan King.

"Nothing but sweaty, that's it," said ribber Mike Sampson.

Ribfest organizers set up misting stations and emergency tents, and since Friday, a handful of people have had to be treated for heat-related conditions.

"People just are not used to this humidity if they're from out of state. We're taking care of them, they're fine as of right now," said Ribfest Chairman Jerry Kochurka.

The game time heat index was 102 when the Cubs and Sox squared off at Wrigley. At the annual Wrigleyville Block Party, which celebrates the Crosstown Classic, sweaty fans cooled off with a pregame beverage.

"I will always come out for the Crosstown Classic, no matter how hot it is," said Sox fan Mike Martino.

The triple digit heat index didn't keep folks away from two major cultural events: Chinatown Festival 2011 and The Festival of Life in Washington Park, where African jewelry and art was on sale.

"It enriches ones life, so it's very good to celebrate the different cultures," said festival goer Okkara.

Saturday's soaring temperatures made for perfect beach weather but the Chicago Park District issued swim bans for Montrose and South Shore because of high bacteria levels.

"We're just going to kind of hang out, get a bite, have a drink. I don't know, it's crazy. Like I said, we weren't anticipating any of this," said Montrose Beachgoer Michele Wagner.

"We were looking forward to getting in the water," said Montrose Beachgoer Michelle Serr.

"I'm not hugely disappointed because I'm with good people, but it was supposed to be raining today and it's actually pretty nice, so we're enjoying it but a little disappointed, " said Montrose Beachgoer Cara Baccarello. There are also swim advisories in effect for Rainbow, Leone and Howard beaches. For more information about Chicago area beach bans and advisories, visit www.chicagoparkdistrict.com. Or, you call 312-74-BEACH or text the name of your beach to 312-715-SWIM.

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