In new job, Weis still fighting 'gangs, guns and drugs'

July 6, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Jody Weis is the new deputy director of the Chicago Crime Commission. Weis is staying in Chicago to work for the non-profit group which helps fight crime.

The former FBI agent, soldier and police superintendent can now add policy work to his resume. He is going to become the public face of an organization that was started way back in the 1920s to combat that era's lawlessness.

Wednesday, Weis announced at a press conference what he wants to do to bring what he says is his track record of success in fighting crime in Chicago to bear on future legislation, in Illinois, in Chicago and nationally.

In his time as superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Weis implemented an intelligence-based policing system that relied less on beat cops establishing relationships and more on tactical squads getting to and putting out trouble before it started. That is an approach that Weis' successor, CPD Chief Garry McCarthy, has moved away from.

"I want to focus the Chicago Crime Commission on leveraging support to address the root causes of crime in Chicago. We know the phrase: 'Gangs, guns, and drugs.' This means forging new relationships and partnerships with folks who suffer every day from these evils that plague our nation," Weis said. "Not just here in Chicago, but so many cities and towns suffer from the tragedies associated with gangs, guns and drugs."

Weis said his philosophy is simply a different philosophy than McCarthy's and one is not more right than the other, it's just what he preferred.

Weis said he will going to be in Springfield a lot to advocate for new legislation, especially on behalf of the idea of microstamping weapons, a new technology that imprints an identifier on bullets from the guns those bullets are shot from. Of course, the National Rifle Association is sure to have objections to that idea.

Weis almost took another job with a private firm on Long Island. He said it was essentially a chance encounter with the Chicago Crime Commission that led to this offer and led to him being able to stay in Chicago.

Weis will be paid less than the $310,000 or so that he was paid as Chicago's top cop.

Jody Weis will be a guest on ABC7 News at 6 a.m., Thursday morning, July 7.

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