Lakeview stabbing victim talks about attack

July 8, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The victim, Rubin Robinson, is a college student who works while going to school.

He still gets short of breath and has dozens of staples covering his wounds, but he is grateful to have the breath to share his story and send a message to others tempted by taunts.

He had just been released from the hospital Thursday, and police needed Rubin Robinson's help to identify his attacker. Investigators say he was at the police station until late Thursday night.

"He deserves to be punished - he needs to know - and people in general - need to know that actions have consequences," said Robinson.

Chicago police announced Darren Hayes is charged with aggravated battery and mob action. Police used home video of the attack and social media to develop leads.

"We saw very good pictures of the people that were involved, and then after that we had people come forward and actually give us information and names of some of the people that were involved," said Chicago Police Sgt. Debra DeYoung.

The Sunday night attack set off an outcry over safety concerns in the Lakeview neighborhood. On the video, spectators appear to be taking video or photos of the attack. Police say the investigation is ongoing and hope those with images will come forward.

"To those people, we really appreciate if you would come forward with the video, because it is part of the investigation. It's a different angle or whatever, and it might shed further light on the investigation. We'd really appreciate being able to see that," said DeYoung.

"We're very hopeful that there's gonna be further arrests on this - this investigation is far from over. It's definitely still in progress at this point," said DeYoung.

Prosecutors said in court that Darren Hayes was will a group of eight to ten other men, and the trouble started when they passed Robinson and two friends on the Belmont sidewalk.

As for Robinson, he recalls a taunt and wishes he had not responded. Robinson was stabbed several times and had a collapsed lung.

"I remember falling to the ground under the weight of the crowd and so I just remember kind of balling up into his body to kind of shield myself," said Robinson.

Robinson says he's not a vengeful person, but attempted murder would be an appropriate charge.

"I was just out for the Fourth of July having a good time, and the thought of not returning home to my family overwhelms me sometimes," said Robinson.

The prosecutor in court Friday said she expects Hayes' charges to be elevated to attempted murder.

Hayes' relatives were in court Friday, but they declined commenting.

Hayes is from Hammond, Indiana and tells prosecutors he is a college student studying pre-med and has no prior criminal record.

Robinson's mother told ABC7 Friday she is glad Hayes turned himself in and understands, he may be sorry now, but the damage is done. She said she hopes that young people will consider the consequences of their actions.

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