JURETHA: chic, classic comfort wear

The idea for Juretha Chic & Classic Comfort Wear ( www.juretha.com) clothing line began six years ago, when Juretha began suffering from arthritis. Her clothes are designed to be stress free with no buttons, zippers or snaps. And the clothes lightly skim the body, camouflaging your minor imperfections!


1. Marnie's Iridescent Heddy Tunic Dress: $79.99; Pants: $29.99.
2. Sophisticated Shirley Trapeze V-neck dress: $69.99
3. Romanic Laura stretch pant set: $89.99
4. Sportin Joane' Bronze knit top: $59.99
5. Iridescent Heddy Tunic dress w/Nylon Tricot Liner: $79.99.

(RELEASE) The JURETHA Chic & Classic Comfort Wear clothing line was created by a 56-year old woman with 30 years of experience as a Nationally-Recognized Fashion Model, Inner-City Public School Teacher, Wife, and Parent - Juretha Lawson.

Six years ago, Juretha was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This condition coupled with demanding double careers caused her to look for clothing that compliments the body when not at the ideal weight, which were economical, easy to access, comfortable, travel & change ready, and most of all "Pretty". Unable to find all these qualities in clothing, Juretha quickly decided to venture out and create her own line. Thus, the launch of JURETHA Chic & Classic Comfort Wear – A clothing line suitable for all body types that caters to a woman's busy and versatile lifestyle!

JURETHA designs offer a line of clothing that is timeless, style that is elegant yet sporty and extremely versatile, seamlessly transitioning from day into evening wear. Created from fabrics that are soft and require easy care, our designs are effortless and free-flowing. This is a line of quality and affordable women's clothing designed to make a woman feel confident and chic. JURETHA style lines lightly skim the body, camouflaging occasional bloatiness and bulges. Our soft fabrics make you feel comfy and romantic. The clothes are lightweight and great for travel, and the basic colors are easy to wear everyday and everywhere; easy to mix and match.

JURETHA Chic & Classic Comfort Wear clothes offer easy, coordinated, NO stress dressing. There are no buttons, zippers or snaps so you get in and out with ease. Our pricing is affordable and cost effective. No dry cleaning necessary with most fabrics. Simply hand wash in cold water or machine wash on gentle cycle, line dry. Iron garment inside out, low setting. Made in the USA.

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